Rose hips for the rabbits – a family Friday in autumn

Just cancel the kindergarten and spend a day with your family … is there anything more beautiful? (more…)

16. January 2019

Making Pancakes and Gardening – A Sunday Morning in the Family

These pancakes always taste best when you’ve made them yourself, don’t they? That’s why Frida was so enthusiastic when she was allowed to help in the kitchen in Friedenau on this Sunday morning. (more…)

30. November 2018


As a wedding photographer, I’m always particularly delighted when, after accompanying the bride and groom on their special day, I’m invited back to take photos of them and their entire family a few years down the line. This was recently the case in Berlin, when I visited Lisi and Nicolas in the Prenzlauer Berg district. I actually find that there are a multitude of parallels between a photo home story and reportage wedding photography.  (more…)

20. November 2018

A Newborn, a Water Battle and ice-cream on the Balcony – Family photos in Berlin

The first time we met each other was on a cold but sunny day in March at the registry office in Schöneberg. Leonie was the maid of honor of Laura and Florian, whom I was allowed to accompany as a wedding photographer. “I’ve never seen such beautiful wedding pictures. Thanks for that,” Leonie wrote me after the wedding. That’s music to my ears, of course. (more…)

6. July 2018

Coffee, Piano and Cookies – A Sunday Afternoon in the Family

Documentary family photos in Potsdam – A home story featuring the family cat

When I visited Mia, Marie and their lovely Mummy in the city of Potsdam on a freezing Saturday in February, the two girls immediately took to me. “Can the photographer stay a bit longer?”, asked the older sister, time and time again. And yes, I did indeed stay for a while … for a lot longer, in fact.  (more…)

16. March 2018

From pancakes for breakfast through to a goodnight kiss – A day in the life of a family

Authentic family photos show things exactly as they are: real everyday life and all of the fun, laughter and occasional conflicts that it has to offer, with no unnatural posing or staging. This approach to photography is all about capturing the little fleeting moments that come together to form a typical day in the life of a family.  (more…)

16. March 2018

Wedding-day photo session – reportage family photos from Friedrichshain

Breakfast together, letting off a bit of steam and playing around, a nappy change, lots of fun with mom and dad – and we have the perfect ingredients for unforgettable family photos, preserving those unique moments of daily life. (more…)

16. March 2017

Family photos from daily life: reportage photography in Schöneberg

As a family photographer, I love to capture you and your kids in the course of your daily life. Getting ready in the morning, having breakfast, then heading out to the playground … natural, unposed family photos, authentic moments from real life.


19. November 2016

A day in the life — documentary family photos in Kreuzberg

A honest, normal day in one family’s life. Changing diapers. Getting dressed. Making sandcastles. Horsing around, laughing, playing. Those small, subtle gestures of love, of caring. Wonderful scenes from daily life that deserve to be captured in documentary photographs. (more…)

10. November 2016