What can beat

… running piggyback in the autumn sun over a large park like Berlin’s Tempelhofer Feld? On my shoulders, by the way, is our son Bela.

I was born in 1973 in Mainz, went to school in Worms, studied in Hamburg and Paris, jobbed as an intern in Rostock and Dakar and finally worked as a journalist in Bonn, Berlin and Sanaa. I’ve been living and working as a journalist and photographer in the middle of Kreuzberg for a few years now.

I’ve worked as a reporter since I wrote my first article for the local daily newspaper in school. I discovered documentary photography when I started to work as a wedding photographer. My family photos changed, too, since I’ve shot weddings.

I have never been a friend of staged photos. But the fact that pictures tell a story, that they capture real emotions and those fleeting moments – this is true for that «big» wedding day as well as for any «ordinary» day of your family life.

Today, how much I’d love to browse in photos documenting those day-to-day rituals of my childhood. How did our breakfast table look when I was three years old? How did our typical Sunday look back in the eighties? There is absolutely no reason to only have albums made after your vacation or travel. It’s the normal course of everyday life that deserves to be captured.

Whenever I don’t photograph familys, I might bee shooting weddings or portraits. Or working on a radio feature –  in my second profession as a journalist. In my downtime, when I’m not running around on Tempelhofer Feld with Bela, you’ll find me listening to podcasts (on Apple, science, politics) or at the piano, learning Chilly Gonzales’s etudes. I love good coffee, dark red wine … and fresh smoothies, depending on the time of day.