Let your family photos do the storytelling

A story of unbounded love told in the subtle gestures of fondness and affection, of everyday routines that have become a source of happiness. Of quiet and uproarious moments. Of what moves us in our day-to-day lives. Of moments that cannot be repeated. All this together makes up what documentary family photography means to me: capturing daily life, those wonderfully normal days that will be so far off in only a few years.

Honest memories that last forever

I visit you in Berlin, Potsdam, Brandenburg and all over Germany. Let me into your family circle … for a day. Or just half a day. Or even only a few hours. I visit you at home with my camera and accompany you in whatever you do. We don’t need a special program or to visit anything spectacular, a beautiful day or to dress up especially.

Read more about my documentary approach to family photography, get to know me a little better, browse through my recent work – and let’s get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you.

Family Photo Stories

Making Pancakes and Gardening – A Sunday Morning in the Family

These pancakes always taste best when you've made them yourself, don't they? That's why Frida was so enthusiastic when s ...
30. November 2018

A Newborn, a Water Battle and ice-cream on the Balcony – Family photos in Berlin

The first time we met each other was on a cold but sunny day in March at the registry office in Schöneberg. Leonie was t ...
6. July 2018

Coffee, Piano and Cookies – A Sunday Afternoon in the Family

... birthday and presents I could also add. But first things first. I already took pictures of Franziska and David at th ...
11. June 2018