To be honest, it’s wonderful words like these that motivate me time and time again and show me just how valuable such treasures can be. I’m therefore delighted to dedicate this page to the feedback provided by my customers, who perfectly sum up the main objective of my work. So without further ado, it’s time to let them have their say:

«We spent nearly a whole day together. As you would expect, this also involved the odd crying or screaming outburst from the girls, but after all, that’s also part and parcel of our everyday life. With his warm and relaxed approach, Klaus is full of understanding for such occurrences. I personally (and I think this applies to many other mothers and fathers too) always get rather worried when things start to go wrong, one of the kids throws a strop and other people notice. I sometimes wonder where it comes from, this automatic concern about what other people think. (…) This type of photography draws your attention to the special highlights of day-to-day life, which soon become less special and almost nothing but normality. It encourages you to start thinking more and more about these subtle gestures and everyday yet important actions. By doing so, it gives such activities the importance they deserve.»

Isabelle Jänchen, amummyslife.de/familienreportage-storytelling-mit-klaus-heymach/


«Klaus takes incredibly intimate and beautiful photos»

Thomas Schönfelder, on Facebook

«Klaus is simply awesome both as a person and as a photographer! With his calm and very charming manner he takes great, authentic photos all around, which get the mood to the point and tell so many stories… Thank you very much for all the beautiful moments you captured for us!»
Maria Fuhrmann, on Facebook


«Klaus was always there taking photos but he did so in a way that was neither intrusive nor disturbing. In fact, he was actually virtually invisible! He sometimes got up close or photographed us from behind in the garden or even through the window. He ate breakfast with us and we chatted about him and us – and although he kept snapping away with his camera, we didn’t really notice it at all. Although the children were quite hyper at first, their excitement eventually died down and the photo shoot simply became a normal part of the day. (…) It was so relaxed, natural and pleasant. In fact, it was actually like a normal day spent as a family. This is precisely why our photos are so stunning and special and provide us with very important memories. (…) Now we have family photos that capture this exciting period of our lives! And not just any family photos! We have treasures that will last a lifetime.»

Marit Boguslawski, mamasbusiness.de/das-foto-shooting-familienreportage/


«We hired Klaus to photograph our little son every three months in his first year of life. The first session is now over – and we were very curious to see how Klaus would handle the small model. We can only say that we are completely thrilled! Klaus visited us at home, so that the little man felt comfortable in his accustomed environment. The photos were taken playfully and we are totally enthusiastic about the result. Klaus knew how to press the shutter button at the right moment and capture many funny moments, emotions and facial expressions. We are really looking forward to the second shooting in November.»

Tanja, on Yelp


«We had a family photo shoot with Klaus after our second child was born. From the beginning everything was very professional and relaxed at the same time. With his calm, but very accessible nature, a relaxed atmosphere is created during the session, so that very natural and beautiful pictures emerge. We are super happy with the result and would book Klaus again anytime!»

Peter Möderer, on Facebook


I would be very happy to read from you too soon here. I look forward to hearing from you!