Why not have your family photographs taken where you feel most like yourselves: playing at home, cooking brunch, at a favorite cafe, or walking around your neighborhood. In familiar surroundings, I’ll discreetly accompany you with my camera, capturing candid, unstaged photos on the fly. It’s the only way to bottle these fleeting moments — family portraits in a natural reportage style. Pictures that you — and especially your kids — will love looking at again and again.


My “day in the life” sessions are about telling the story of a typical day for your family — that’s what documentary family photography means to me. Family photos are also records of a certain era. They should capture the feeling of this very moment in time. Goofing around at a favorite park, a Sunday walk in autumn, a lazy Saturday morning on the couch — small, everyday gestures of affection and love — as a photojournalist, I can capture these memories for you and your children. A few tears from the kids, or a runny nose or sweaty hair, are just part of the story. No pressure, no posing, no “Say cheese and smile.” Authentic and real. In my family reportages, my role is to observe and document, staying quietly in the background and yet always close to the action.


My family reportage photography is best described in the wonderful words of one of my customers, who stated that it gives “the special highlights of day-to-day life” the importance they deserve. It helps you to gain a new appreciation of your family life and view your everyday life from a whole new perspective, namely through the eyes of a photo artist, a reporter with a journalistic approach who is always on the lookout for special moments, compositions and plays of light. My photographs enable you to immerse yourselves in your day-to-day life at a glance, providing vibrant memories both now and in many years to come. The photos of your family reportage will always remind you of this period of your life, the feelings that you experienced on this one special day – and not the instructions given by your photographer. This is my understanding of documentary family photography and my service for you.


Be it in Berlin, Brandenburg or anywhere else in Germany, I can visit you with my camera in the comfort of your home and accompany you as you go about your day-to-day life. I can stay for a whole day, half a day or just a couple of hours. We don’t need a special schedule, a spectacular day out, the perfect weather or your Sunday best. After one or two hours at the latest, both you and your children will have gotten used to the camera and my presence, so much so that it will just feel like I’m part of the family. Documentary family photography pays homage to day-to-day life, to the normal activities and occurrences that make it such a challenging but oh so wonderful time for all the family.

How much does it cost? You can find out more about my prices and answers to some other frequently answered questions here on my FAQ page. I look forward to hearing from you! 


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