As a wedding photographer, I’m always particularly delighted when, after accompanying the bride and groom on their special day, I’m invited back to take photos of them and their entire family a few years down the line. This was recently the case in Berlin, when I visited Lisi and Nicolas in the Prenzlauer Berg district. I actually find that there are a multitude of parallels between a photo home story and reportage wedding photography. When I capture images of families going about their day-to-day lives, I use the same approach as I do at weddings: documentary, authentic and keeping a special eye out for those small but oh-so-special moments. Put simply: it’s reportage at its very best. I photographed Lisi and Nicolas’ wedding in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin one and a half years ago. Their two children also attended their special day. More recently, on a dreary February day, I returned to Berlin to visit the family of four at their flat in Prenzlauer Berg, where I accompanied them with my camera for a good half of the day. It truly was a wonderful reunion with highlights such as eggs and croissants for breakfast, accompanied by pop music in Austrian dialect; a knight’s castle; two polar explorers and an expedition to the playground, all of which I’m pleased to share with you here!


After a hearty breakfast and a Lego session, we headed out to get some fresh air, despite the fact that the weather on this Saturday wasn’t exactly inviting. It was cold, grey and drizzly, so pretty much a typical February day in Berlin. Nevertheless, with hats, gloves and plenty of activity, we were able to successfully brave the elements. In fact, this reportage is a prime example of how the sun doesn’t have to shine for fantastic family photos.

Thank you very much to Lisi, Nicolas and the whole family for letting me spend a few hours of this beautiful Saturday with you and allowing me to show some of my favourite moments here!

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