Authentic family photos show things exactly as they are: real everyday life and all of the fun, laughter and occasional conflicts that it has to offer, with no unnatural posing or staging. This approach to photography is all about capturing the little fleeting moments that come together to form a typical day in the life of a family. This was precisely my aim when I visited Marit, Christian, Emilian, Liam and Jari at their red wooden house in south-west Berlin two weeks ago. I spent the entire day accompanying Marit and her four men as they cooked, played, scuffled and enjoyed some rough and tumble fun and was even able to watch the boys as they sorted through their impressive collection of bottle caps. My time with the family resulted in a family reportage full of both calm and active moments that can never be recovered but have now been captured for eternity. With pancakes for breakfast, mucky feet and tired little monkeys, as well as a children’s birthday party thrown in for good measure, this photographic experience was certainly one to remember and I’m delighted to share the highlights with you here!

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