Let me into your family circle

… for a day. Or just half a day. Or even only a few hours. I visit you at home with my camera and accompany you in whatever you do. We don’t need a special program or to visit anything spectacular, a beautiful day or to dress up especially.

Just let me tag along as if I were part of the family, so I can capture those authentic moments – natural, real-life moments that never seem to stop breathing. The kids won’t mind the camera after 2 hours at most – just as you won’t – and I become part of the family. No staged photographs, just documenting your family as it naturally is. I don’t play the director or tell you what to do. Instead I am the feeling observer who is always close at hand.

And what will this cost you? The minimum for a reportage family photography session is two hours (for 390 Euro). But I much prefer to tag along for half a day or the whole day. Please ask me about a package.

I’ll edit and optimize your family photographs by hand. You’ll receive your photos as high-res JPG files without watermarks or any usage restrictions. How many of them? That depends not only on the time we spend together, but also on what is going to happen during this time. But don’t worry: You’ll get all the photos that tell your personal story of this «day in your life».