Your family at home: reportage family photos

Why not have your family photographs taken where you feel most like yourselves: playing at home, cooking brunch, at a favorite cafe, or walking around your neighborhood. In familiar surroundings, I’ll discreetly accompany you with my camera, capturing candid, unstaged photos on the fly. It’s the only way to bottle these fleeting moments — family portraits in a natural reportage style. Pictures that you — and especially your kids — will love looking at again and again.

A day in the life: documentary family photos

My “day in the life” sessions are about telling the story of a typical day for your family — that’s what documentary family photography means to me. Family photos are also records of a certain era. They should capture the feeling of this very moment in time. Goofing around at a favorite park, a Sunday walk in autumn, a lazy Saturday morning on the couch — small, everyday gestures of affection and love — as a photojournalist, I can capture these memories for you and your children. A few tears from the kids, or a runny nose or sweaty hair, are just part of the story. No pressure, no posing, no “Say cheese and smile.” Authentic and real. In my family reportages, my role is to observe and document, staying quietly in the background and yet always close to the action.

I’ll edit and optimize your family reportage photographs by hand. You’ll receive your photos as high-res JPG files without watermarks or any usage restrictions. Have as many prints made as you like with no additional licensing fees. You are looking for more information? Please have a look at my photography packages or recent examples of documentary family photography in my journal.

Family Photo Stories

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